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Loft Conversions by DMJ Building and Roofing Ltd

Loft Conversions

DMJ Building and Roofing Ltd are Horsham-based builders with over twenty years' experience doing loft conversions for customers all over West Sussex and Surrey. Loft conversions are a popular and very economical way of adding significant value to your house by creating space for at least one large bedroom or even multiple bedrooms or room of your choice. We will build your loft conversion in Sussex or Surrey to suit your requirements and budget. If your loft space is too shallow there is even the possibility of lowering the ceiling of the floor below to allow height to build a loft conversion. We can work within the existing space, or add even more space with dormer windows. The rooms we create in the loft conversion can acheive the "wow" factor by the addition of Velux windows allowing for a very light room.

Town house loft conversion:

A town house loft conversion will normally require a rear dormer in order to accommodate the new stairs.

Semi detached loft conversion:

This type of loft conversion will give you significant space to accommodate a large master loft bedroom with a bathroom or two smaller bedrooms with a toilet. The loft conversion staircase will usually run above the existing stair case.

Bungalow loft conversion:

This is a perfect option for those wishing to get more space from their bungalow and is a very cost-effective way of adding significant value to your property. An added benefit is building regulations for a bungalow loft conversion are a lot more relaxed due to only adding a first floor.

Terraced house loft conversion:

A terraced house loft conversion usually will require a rear dormer in order to accommodate the new stairs. The new stairs will normally be located running above the existing stairs.

Roof Types:

Mansard Roof

A Mansard roof enables you to achive maximum loft space due the angles and shape of the roof slopes. The Mansard conversion goes up to the apex of the roof. Windows, French doors and Velux windows can be inserted into the Mansard roof conversion.


A dormer conversion is an extension to your roof giving more headroom and greater loft space and is particularly popular in bungalows. A dormer conversion can add significant value to the property. Dormers can be placed to the rear, side or even front of your property. Dormers can accommodate windows and French doors to give light and ventilation to all rooms.


Adding a Velux window can totally transform your bedroom or your existing loft space without changing the existing shape of your property. A Velux window can be added to a loft or attic conversion or an existing bedroom. Even if your ceilings are flat it is easily possible to add a Velux window by creating a lightwell. One of our clients has done just that. Adding velux windows create a lot of natural light and ventilation.

Example of Velux in a lightwell for one of our customers

LED lightling was installed behind lips (prior to being filled and painted)
at the base of the lightwell to create a stunning effect at night.

LED lightling has been installed behind lips (prior to being painted) at the base of the lightwell to create a stunning effect at night.